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University of Twente in Enschede

Improving acoustics in education

Acoustics in a learning environment

Knowledge transfer is key in a learning environment, such as the University of Twente. If the acoustics in the rooms where the lessons or lectures are given are not optimal, this causes fatigue, irritation and stress for both academics and students. In the long run, this could even lead to health problems.

Incatro has improved the acoustics for a number of rooms in various buildings on this campus so that it fits in with an educational environment.

University of Twente
Enschede (The Netherlands)
Lecture halls, classrooms, meeting rooms and the multifunctional activity room

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Small town in the east

The University of Twente is an international university in the east of the Netherlands. At this University, approximately 13,000 students are taught in technical and social sciences using approximately 3,800 academics and support staff.

The campus of the University of Twente is located in Enschede and is actually a small city with facilities for learning, working and living.

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Speech intelligibility

In a learning environment, it is about the transfer of knowledge. This happens during a lesson or lecture that takes place in smaller classrooms, in meeting rooms and in large lecture halls.

To ensure that the message comes across well, not only the content and the person who conveys it are important. The acoustics of the room where the lecture is given are also important.

If the sound does not behave optimally, and for example reverberation and annoying sound reflections occur, then the speaker must make a lot of effort to make himself understood, resulting in voice problems. But the recipient of the message must also make extra effort to understand the speaker. Here too, this can lead to fatigue, irritation and stress. And longer-term health problems.

The University of Twente endorses the importance of good acoustics and has therefore engaged Incatro to improve the acoustics in a number of rooms spread across the campus.

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Lecture halls in building "de Spiegel"

"Spiegelzaal" 1 and 2 are 2 medium-sized lecture halls for just over 100 people.

To ensure that the speaker is clearly understood in such a large room, extra absorption was needed. In the form of ARTwalls and ARTpanels.

Finally, in lecture hall 1 we pushed the reverberation back to 1.09 seconds and in lecture hall 2 to 1 second. The latter room absorbs the sound better because the chairs are covered with fabric.

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The Atrium in the "Bastille" building

The Atrium in the "Bastille" building is a multifunctional space where various activities such as workshops and parties take place. The disadvantage of this large open space was that sound was given every chance to reflect.

During our acoustic measurement, a reverberation time of 2.6 seconds was measured. As a result, speakers were difficult to understand and a stay in the room was absolutely not pleasant.

By placing 124 square meters of ARTwall, one of our acoustic wall solutions, we reduced the reverberation time to 1.6 seconds.

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The meeting room in building "Carré".

In the large meeting room in the Carré building, speakers could hardly be heard by an exhausting reverberation. We placed 40 square meters of ARTwall to reduce the reverberation time to an acceptable level.

Here we have installed an ARTwall of 562 x 290 cm. In addition, we placed another acoustic wall covering against a hollow wall of 18 meters in length. The strips with a size of 1870 x 107 cm and 1870 x 53 cm respectively were fixed in 2 parts with 10 cm of space between them for a light line.

In addition, 7 pieces of ARTpanels of approx. 100 x 200 cm with photo print were hung on the opposite wall.

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Acoustic solutions for every room

We have also installed several acoustic solutions at various offices and smaller meeting rooms on campus, such as our ARTpanels, ARTwalls and ARTdeskscreens.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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