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Water purification company Siden in Luxembourg

Improving acoustics in office building.

Attractive working environment in the office

Water purification company Siden in Luxembourg suffered from reverberation and annoying sound reflections in its office building.

Commissioned by D.O.G. Objektdesign Aachen, Incatro was called in to remove these annoying sound reflections and to ensure pleasant office acoustics.

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Major player in the market

Siden is a large water treatment company in Bleesbruck, Luxembourg. The company processes and cleans waste water from no less than 35 municipalities, for more than 83,000 inhabitants in Luxembourg. Siden has a large site with several water treatment plants, outbuildings and an office building.

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Stress and irritation

The problem at Siden was that the various rooms did not absorb (properly) sound.

Sound often makes or breaks the experience in a room. In an office environment, distractions and irritations due to noise are often lurking quickly. This can cause stress among employees to increase, which can eventually lead to health problems.

Sound was a disturbing factor at Siden and Incatro was called in to remedy this.

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Acoustic improvements with atmosphere

As an acoustic solution, we placed various ARTwalls and ARTpanels in strategic places. These solutions not only ensure better sound recording, but also an attractive working environment.

Large acoustic walls of the 'ARTwall' type have been installed in Siden's meeting rooms.

In the office spaces, independent ARTpanels have been chosen, or ARTpanels in a triptych. A conscious choice was made for an atmospheric environment by using panels that contain photos of nature.

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Circular ART panels

In the central stairwell and several meeting corners of Siden, circular ARTpanels have recently been installed to optimize the acoustics.

These round panels are a colorful filling of the room and provide a cheerful appearance.

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Acoustic artwork

The crown piece is an acoustic work of art in the reception hall that was specially developed for Siden.

This acoustic work of art consists of 35 acoustic panels that represent the 35 municipalities for which Siden purifies the water. This artwork uses both our standard 58mm profile and the 89mm profile.

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