Siden Luxembourg Wastewater treatment plant

In cooperation with D.O.G. Objektdesign, we developed an impressive acoustic artwork consisting of 35 acoustic panels.

Siden is a large wastewater treatment plant in Luxembourg where the wastewater of 35 communities is purified. Siden operates on a large terrain with several water purification systems and outbuildings, as well as an office complex. Incatro recently installed a number of innovative solutions to improve the plant’s acoustics and working environment, including an impressive acoustic artwork composed of 35 individual acoustic panels. Interested in learning more about the solution we developed? Read on and have a look!

Incatro is based in Roermond and has a large customer base not only in The Netherlands, but also in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. While customers in Belgium are served by the Belgian employees of Incatro in Gent, our German clients are served from our headquarter in The Netherlands. The project at Siden was carried out by Incatro Netherlands on behalf of D.O.G. Objektdesign Aachen.

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Siden in Luxembourg

Siden is a large company that purifies water for more than 83,000 residents in Luxembourg and operates various buildings that take care of the individual stages of the process. Certain rooms within the office buildings didn’t absorb sound sufficiently, which led to acoustic problems. Noise has a big impact on how a room is experienced and, in office environments, easily leads to distractions and an unpleasant working environment. This, in return, can cause higher stress levels among employees and even lead to health problems. Therefore, Siden commissioned Incatro to solve the problem of background noise in its offices.

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The mission: Improve the acoustics in an aesthetically pleasing way

On behalf of D.O.G. Objektdesign in Aachen, we installed various ARTwalls and ARTpanels at the Siden plant, which absorb undesired background noise and create a more pleasant working environment. The majority of the large acoustic walls of the ARTWall 57 type were placed in the meeting rooms, while individual ART panels or pairs of three were used in the offices. It was deliberately decided to use panels with nature photo motifs to create a pleasant working atmosphere.

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Round ART panels

Furthermore, we recently installed round ART panels in the central stairwell of the Siden plant. These round panels give the stairwell a splash of color and create cheerful imagery and, in addition to the staircase, were used in several meeting corners. These panels are available to you on request.

Acoustic artwork

The highlight of the acoustic solutions we installed is an acoustic work of art that was specially developed for the Siden plant and placed in the entrance hall. It consists of 35 acoustic panels that represent the communities for which Siden purifies water. Both our standard 57mm as well as our new 89mm acoustic panels were used.

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— - The 'Masterpiece' consists of 35 acoustic panels representing the 35 municipalities for which Siden purifies the water.

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