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The Apostolic Society

Improving acoustics in the church

Expert in church acoustics

When reverberation – inherent in the acoustics of a church building – starts to dominate during a church service, it requires adequate solutions and expertise in the field of church acoustics.

Creating good speech intelligibility in challenging circumstances, such as churches, is our profession and we see it as a challenge.

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Reverberation in the church

Nothing better when music and singing resound through the church building. But what if reverberation will dominate during the church service and the pastor can no longer be heard.

Attention to good acoustics is also very important in a church building. After all, it is about the right balance between beautiful sounds and a good transmission of faith.

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Church community

The Apostolic Society is a place for religious-humanistic meaning. That is, they "form communities and organize encounters for meaning and the art of living". In this way they "make a concrete contribution to a more dignified existence."

The Apostolic Society has about 14000 members and sympathizers and has 69 locations in the Netherlands and 4 abroad.

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Improving acoustics in the church

In recent years we have already helped about 10 churches of the Apostolic Society with solving their acoustic problems by adding our acoustic panels. Our expertise in the field of church acoustics, in combination with the so-called 'electroacoustics' is the starting point for the tailor-made advice of Incatro.

For our knowledge of electroacoustics – the word, music or singing amplified by sound installations – we could turn to our partner SchaapSound.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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