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Improving acoustics in churches

The acoustic properties of churches stimulate our imagination and are directly linked to reverberation and echoes.

If Echoes, which are present in every church, gain the upper hand during the church service, though, measures need to be taken. Good intelligibility, especially during the church service itself , is very important. Our expertise in church acoustics as well as so-called “electro-acoustics” (the amplification of speech, music or singing through stereo devices) form the basis of our made-to-measure advice.

Measures to improve the acoustics in 3 churches of the Apostolic Society in Utrecht, Soest and Zwolle

The creation of good speech intelligibility under difficult circumstances, such as in churches, is our métier and represents for us a true challenge. On behalf of the apostolic parish, we have taken care of the acoustic properties of 3 different churches and presented our solution this week.
Products used: ARTwall and ARTpanel

The electro-acoustic was taken care of by our partner SchaapSound.

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— - ARTceiling above pulpit. Reformed municipality Levensbron Puttershoek

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