Improving acoustics in education

Good speech intelligibility is nowhere as important as in education. This applies to small classrooms as well as big auditoriums in universities.

If the acoustic properties of the room are poor, following a lecture can be very tiring - for the teacher as well as for the students. If the acoustics are good, on the other hand, the information flow functions well and everybody still feels fit and healthy at the end of a lesson.
Incatro has proven to be a competent partner for small as well as bigger projects where the acoustic properties of classrooms needed to be improved.

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Project University Twente, Enschede


Poor acoustics in a big meeting room. In the meeting room we were looking at, disturbing reflexions and tiring reverberations occured when the curtains were open. This lead to poor speech intelligibility in the room.

Solution: Our partner company Helios carried out a number of measurements to determine the area in square meters which was neccessary to reduce the reverberation time to an acceptable level. The room had a volume of 500 cubic meters, and we recommended adding an ARTwall of the size of 40 m2. By this measure, the reverberation time was successfully reduced to the desired level.

Our challenge: to remove annoying reflections and an exhausting reverberation that affects speech intelligibility.

For University of Twente, we improved several rooms on an acoustic level. For example, we optimized the lecture halls for the speech intelligibility of a speaker for a group and for discussions within a group, so that they can be easily followed.
The atrium “Bastille” is a multifunctional space for activities such as workshops and parties. The disadvantage of this space? A reverberation time of 2.6 seconds, making the speakers difficult to understand. We reduced the reverberation time to 1.6 seconds by placing 124 square meters of acoustic wall covering.

Project: Helios Pro Audio Solutions| University of Twente

Projects at the University of Maastricht

On behalf of the architects SATIJNplus, Incatro equipped several auditoriums at the University of Maastricht with acoustic walls.

Completely round acoustic wall in the “Blue Auditorium“

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