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Improving acoustics in a sound studio

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Improving the acoustics in a sound studio

In professional sound and recording studios, good sound quality is the foundation and good acoustics are essential.

Which acoustic climate best suits your sound studio depends on the type of studio you have or want to create. Incatro makes sure that your acoustics are arranged optimally.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

The benefits of proper acoustics in sound studios

When the acoustics in a sound studio are properly arranged and suit the space and the function of the room, this immediately has a positive influence on the result. There are many advantages to creating the right acoustic climate in a sound studio:

  • Pure sound recordings
  • Shorter studio time
  • Better result
  • Ultimate experience of music or video content
  • No unwanted sound reflections or flutter echoes
  • Dry acoustics
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Customization for every studio

The choice of the right acoustic products for a sound studio depends on the dimensions and shape of the studio, the type of studio and the specific requirements for the studio.

Before we propose an acoustic solution, we will always perform an acoustic measurement at your location to determine exactly what is needed to achieve the desired acoustic climate. In addition, we immediately take your wishes and preferences into account when creating the appropriate solutions. Incatro's products are custom-made and can be completely adapted to your taste.

Would you like to know how you can improve the acoustics in your room(s)? Then make an appointment for an acoustic measurement.

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The best suitable acoustic solutions for a sound studio

The acoustic products most chosen by our customers are:

Or view all our acoustic solutions.
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Improving acoustics in a sound studio; our experiences

Incatro has helped many companies and organizations improve their studio acoustics in the past 25 years: NCRV-KRO, Omroep Friesland, Omroep L1, Endemol Productions, RTV Oost, Technicolor Ericsson, KRO, Evangelische Omroep (EO) in The Netherlands, ITV Studios in Germany.

For an overview of all interesting projects in the field of acoustics improvement, please check our references.

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Why choose Incatro?

You can count on Incatro's 7 certainties:

  • Experienced and reliable partner in acoustics
  • High-quality product with a sleek design
  • Highest absorption values in the market
  • Made-to-measure with its own personal look
  • Full guidance by our acoustics experts
  • Production and assembly by our own experienced professionals
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee after professional reverberation measurement

Our customers confirm it; Incatro is the specialist in acoustic solutions for every type of sound studio.

Would you rather discuss your options together? Please call one of our experts on +31 85 48 63 380 or request a quote.