Waiting rooms

Improving acoustics in waiting rooms

Although we usually spend only a short time in these rooms, the entrance hall, the reception area and the waiting room determine the outward impression of a company.

Especially when the reception and waiting area are situated in the same room, getting the acoustics right is extremely important. As conversations with guests or customers may sometimes have a private character, protection of privacy plays an important role. If the acoustic properties of a room are poor, on the contrary, every single word of a conversation a few meters away can be understood.

When the reception is situated in an open space, it is often hard to understand people on the telephone.
Reverberation and the resulting noise can make it impossible to make a phone call in peace.
We can easily solve this problem by placing acoustic wall- or ceiling panels (partly in combination with mobile acoustic screens).

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In the following, we show you some examples of waiting rooms, where we have solved acoustic problems to the full satisfaction of our customers.

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