Is working in an office garden possible in peace and quiet?

About Acoustics

Working in an open-plan office is a concept that is widely used in our current society.

A large open space, flexible workplaces, sightlines to each other, one department, short lines of communication; these are the characteristics that belong to 'the new way of working'.

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Hybrid working

Hybrid working is a working method that gives employees more freedom and flexibility in how, where and when they work. This working method has become increasingly popular in recent years.

One of the most important aspects of Hybrid Working is the use of open workspaces and flexible workplaces. These spaces are often designed to create an open, collaborative environment that promotes communication and collaboration between employees. However, a major challenge in designing these spaces is managing noise levels.

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Influence of acoustics on open-plan offices

Acoustics are an important aspect of a good working climate.

Bad acoustics can lead to various problems, such as fatigue, stress, reduced concentration, and reduced productivity. Good acoustics, on the other hand, can contribute to a comfortable and productive working environment.

Good acoustics in a working environment means that speech and sound are transmitted in a natural and intelligible way, without too much reverberation, echoes, or other disturbances. A well-designed acoustic environment can also contribute to better communication and collaboration between colleagues. By reducing unwanted background noise, better speech intelligibility can be achieved, and colleagues can communicate more easily and effectively.

It is important to evaluate the acoustics of a work environment and address any issues to ensure that the acoustics contribute to a productive and comfortable environment.

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Acoustics in the office of the future

There are several acoustic solutions that can be used to manage sound levels in open workspaces. One of the most popular solutions is the use of sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic panels, acoustic ceilings or acoustic (desk) screens. These materials can help dampen sound and improve room acoustics.

It should be noted that every room is different and has different problems in terms of acoustics. It is therefore advisable, especially with such large open office spaces, to call in the help of an acoustics expert.

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