Acoustics for the home cinema

Acoustics for a home theater in the basement.

Convert basement to home theater

A big wish of this family was to convert one of the basement rooms into a home cinema. With a nice big screen, good sound equipment and a cozy lounge with bar.

A nice job in which we have been involved from the very first moment. This gave us the opportunity to “furnish” the space together with the customer and to provide the right acoustic solutions in the most optimal places.

Private client
Maastricht (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
22.5 m2 absorption added
Basement – home cinema

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Father and son wanted to convert a basement room into a home theater with the ultimate experience. Based on our blog “What is good room acoustics for my studio, home cinema or HiFi listening room? (dutch)” they came to us. They had also approached other parties, but they mainly specialized in building a complete home cinema. And that was not the intention. So they started looking for a company specialized in acoustics.

Coincidentally, Incatro had also arranged the acoustics for a home cinema for another private customer shortly before. So we could immediately include them in that process and how we could realize this for them.

Incatro woonhuis thuisbioscoop home cinema situatie voor verbouwing

From wish to plan

Because the room had not yet been set up as a home cinema, doing an acoustic measurement was pointless.

We first invited the customer to our showroom to discuss their wishes and to show them the possibilities.This convinced them that they had indeed come to the right place.

Our acoustics consultant Oscar Lommen then visited the location. Based on this, he made an acoustic plan.

Incatro woonhuis thuisbioscoop home cinema 3

Ultimate sound experience

To prevent reflections from the ceiling, we installed an ARTceiling, one of our acoustic ceiling solutions, with a 58 mm profile of 3 by 4.5 meters. Preference was given to an 89mm thick acoustic ceiling, but this was not possible due to the limited height.

Five ARTpanel 89 mm were placed on the walls on the sides of the room and the rear wall, including a number of diffusion panels.

This 89 mm panel ensures that the low-frequency tones are also well absorbed and the reflections in the bass tones are filtered out. The diffusion panels ensure that the sound is more evenly distributed over the room, which benefits the total experience.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

A mega experience

The customer tells us in a thank you e-mail: "It took a while before we had everything ready, but now our home cinema is a fact and we are very happy with the end result!! What a sound... Just bizarre how beautiful and intense, a mega experience!

Especially if you play the Dolby Atmos test sounds via the Xbox, the surround sound, the bass (which is even set to 0), you feel your body vibrate hahaha."

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