Acoustics for an apartment in Amsterdam

Improving acoustics in the living room and kitchen of an apartment.

Slightly different; an oval acoustic ceiling

For a new-build apartment in Amsterdam, extra absorption was needed to eliminate the annoying reverberation and echo.

The owners of this apartment opted for an oval acoustic ceiling in both the living room area and the kitchen.

An unusual acoustic solution that was custom-made by our fitters and fits perfectly into the whole.

Private customer
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
20.5 m2 absorption added
Living room and kitchen in an apartment
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Additional sound absorption required

When furnishing the apartment, the residents soon discovered that they were suffering from reverberation and echo in the living room and kitchen.

As a finish, plastered ceilings and walls and a beautiful herringbone parquet floor have been chosen. These hard surfaces give sound the opportunity to reverberate.

It is not pleasant to stay here without extra sound absorption.

After an acoustic study, Incatro advised to add just over 20 m2 of absorption material.

Nice custom solution

The residents wanted an oval acoustic ceiling. A special acoustic solution that our experienced and skilled mechanics love to make in our own workshop.

Subsequently, the oval ARTceilings were mounted on site.

The one acoustic ceiling was installed above the busiest part of the kitchen.

The other above the living room area. With a special corner in it, around the wall.

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