Bistro bar Indonesia in Haarlem

Improving acoustics for a hip bistro bar

Indonesian cuisine at its best

At Bistro bar Indonesia, Indonesian and Indian cuisine is central. Enjoy to the fullest in a special atmosphere and ambiance.

Incatro was asked to improve the acoustics so that it fits the total experience that this restaurant wants to offer.

Bistro bar Indonesia (formerly The Gin Sum Club)
Haarlem (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
23 m2 absorption added
Bistro bar

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Incatro Bistrobar Indonesia The Gin Sum Club AR Twall AR Tpanel AR Tcurtain 6


Before this restaurant became Bistro bar Indonesia, it was first The Gin Sum Club. But that didn't go as well as hoped.

Owner Thierry Smagge contacted catering entrepreneur Ron Blaauw and the too hip club with too complicated menu was converted into this cozy and accessible bistro bar.

Bistro bar Indonesia is located on the Zijlstraat in Haarlem, in the former bank building in Amsterdam School style. The inside of this monumental building is pleasantly decorated with warm colours, green, brown and wood. A sense of urban jungle.

Incatro Bistrobar Indonesia The Gin Sum Club AR Twall AR Tpanel AR Tcurtain 2

Fully integrated

Additional sound absorption was required to counteract reverberation, echo and other annoying sound reflections. The condition was that these acoustic solutions fit seamlessly with the atmosphere and design of the new bistro bar.

In consultation with the customer, a combination of 3 acoustic products was chosen.

Acoustic wall

A large acoustic wall with a special print has been installed in the large restaurant area. A transit for the sound box has also been taken into account. With the hanging plants and lamps in front of it, this ARTwall fits perfectly with the special appearance.

Incatro Bistrobar Indonesia The Gin Sum Club AR Twall AR Tpanel AR Tcurtain 5

Sound-absorbing curtains

In the lounge corner, in addition to an ARTpanel, acoustic curtains, our ARTcurtains, are also hung.

These curtains are not only sound-absorbing, but also light-regulating and heat-resistant. They perfectly match the warm atmosphere of the restaurant.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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