ARTcurtain and ARTblinds

Window treatments with perfect sound absorption
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Acoustic window treatment with unique combination of properties

Nowadays, many modern (office) buildings - as well as residential buildings - are equipped with large glass surfaces. However, as an attractive source of daylight, they have the disadvantage of forming a literally "glass-hard" sound-reflecting surface. Counteracting the reflections with heavy curtains or sound-absorbing wall panels is not really a solution, as this blocks the incoming daylight. Therefore, disturbing sound reflections remain a problem.

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ARTcurtain and ARTblinds

In response to this, Incatro has added two aesthetically attractive products to its collection: ARTcurtain, our acoustic curtain, and ARTblinds, our acoustic blinds. These products not only absorb sound and improve acoustics, but also offer you the long-awaited combination of light protection, heat protection and sound absorption.

ARTcurtain and ARTblinds filter daylight in a special and unique way: Intruding views from outside and sunlight are blocked, while the view outside is fully preserved and noise is largely absorbed. This double effect offers the advantage of not only solving the acoustic problem, but also meeting the demand for effective sun protection.

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Up to five times higher sound absorption

The ARTcurtain consists of a transparent curtain fabric which - although one would expect the opposite - has maximum sound-absorbing properties. Our acoustic curtain offers up to five times (!) higher sound absorption than conventional curtain fabrics.


ARTblinds are acoustic blinds that, thanks to their structure and vinyl coating, dampen room noise, filter bright light, and repel heat. They are ideal when different activities with different acoustic requirements must take place in one room. With our ARTblinds, the acoustics can be customised depending on the situation.

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Acoustic window treatment with an individual design

Our acoustic curtains are available in 3 different fabrics and 11 different colours. The fabric is made of 90% Trevira CS and 10% PES FR (fabrics made of PES FR or polyester FR fibres and yarns are permanently flame retardant due to the chemical structure of the material). They are hung at a distance of 15 cm from the window or wall by means of (electrical) rails in the colors white RAL 9010 or RVS grey.

Our acoustic blinds are available in 3 different colours (grey, beige, or white). The brightness protection of the blinds depends on the angle at which the sun shines on the lamellas. From an angle of 15 degrees, the protection against brightness increases rapidly. But also, the thickness of the blinds and their colour play a role: The beige version offers complete protection against brightness at an angle of only 30 degrees, whereas in the colour white or grey, the same effect is reached at an angle of 40 degrees. Other products achieve full protection only with a light-proof fabric and often only when closed. The acoustic blinds are also easy to clean.

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Sustainable acoustic solution

Incatro wants to contribute to a world with a better quality of life. That’s why we respect the environment and place special emphasis on the sustainability of our acoustic panels. This way, we can guarantee the long-term quality and acoustic properties of our products. Our photo prints and single-colour fabrics are easily replaceable, which means you can enjoy your acoustic product for even longer. Since our products are free of harmful substances, they can be disposed of as normal waste. If you so desire, Incatro will also take back your product free of charge.

Since 2018, Incatro has been certified by the Dutch Technical Supervisory Association with the NEN-EN- ISO 14001:2015 certificate (International environmental management standard).

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