Castle de Keverberg in Kessel

Improving acoustics for a versatile party and event location

Combination of ancient with modern

Castlel de Keverberg is a unique party location located on the Maas in the Central Limburg village of Kessel. An ancient castle with a modern look, where you can enjoy a delicious Burgundian meal while enjoying the beautiful view over the Meuse valley.

In order to counteract the annoying sound reflections in the Courtyard, Incatro was called in to improve the acoustics.

Castle de Keverberg
Kessel (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
58 m2 absorption added
Party venue - Courtyard
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Castle de Keverberg was rebuilt a few years ago from a ruin into, as they say, the most modern castle in the Netherlands.

The Counts of Kessel used to live here. Nowadays you can go here for gatherings, meetings, events and parties for up to 450 people.

Incatro keverberg AR Tbaffle 14

Unique party location

At the heart of the castle is the ancient Courtyard. With the walls of marlstone and the glass roof with transparent solar panels, this party room has a very special appearance. Antiquity and innovation go hand in hand here. This exceptionally beautiful combination gives every event an extra dimension.

But it is precisely because of these hard stone walls, floor and glass roof that sound is given the opportunity to reflect frequently. That makes a stay in this room unpleasant.

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Special print

After a thorough investigation and reverberation measurement, our acoustic consultant advised to install extra sound absorption. To remove most of the reverberation and echo, it was necessary to add 58 m2 of extra sound-absorbing panels.

Looking at the special atmosphere and appearance of the building in general and the Courtyard in particular, we decided to hang 8 ARTbaffles, our suspended acoustic system, measuring 120 x 300 cm each.

The advantage of these ARTbaffles 90 mm is that it has an absorption surface on both sides of the panel.

With regard to the fabric finish, it was decided to make the baffles with a printed fabric, inspired by the diamond pattern of the transparent solar panels. This makes them fit perfectly with the rest of the interior.

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