The Bonkelaarshuis of the municipality Sliedrecht

The environment was not ideal for both, employees and visitors. INCATRO was asked to implement a number of innovative solutions to improve the acoustics.
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The Bonkelaarshuis is a help and support center for social matters in the municipality of Sliedrecht. In summer 2018, the social team moved into a new building but soon experienced poor acoustics and a long reverberation time. The environment was not ideal for both, employees and visitors. Therefore, it was decided to completely renew the Bonkelaarshuis. INCATRO was asked to implement a number of innovative solutions to improve the acoustics.

Noise has a big influence on the experience of a room, and especially in office environments, noise can easily lead to distraction. Think for example of ringing phones or talking colleagues. If this noise isn´t absorbed adequately, low productivity, poor concentration and stress are often the result. In order to avoid these problems in the building of the municipality of Sliedrecht, we implemented a number of acoustic improvements.

On request of our customer and the 360 Design Group, we installed several ARTpanels, ARTwalls and ART (desk) screens in the Bonkelaarshuis in order to create a pleasant working environment for the social team.

During the (re-)furnishing of a room, it is important to keep an eye on the acoustics, and an acoustic plan should therefore always be part of the layout. This is why we work closely with interior designers and architects, allowing us to solve acoustic problems in an aesthetical way.

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The Bonkelaarshuis

The Bonkelaarshuis is a new facility for youth, family, health, work & social affairs in Sliedrecht. Although the building looks unremarkable from the outside, the modern, innovative and tasteful interior surprises after the renovation.

Acoustic improvements implemented

Based on the sound measurements, we developed a tailor-made solution for the Bonkelaarshuis. We quickly came to the conclusion that several innovative acoustic products could be placed in the rooms. These were implemented together with the 360 Design Group. For the Bonkelaarshuis, several ARTwalls, ART (desk) screens and ARTpanels were chosen.

ARTwall is an acoustic wall panel that not only absorbs sound, but also has a striking design. An ARTwall can be covered with a print of your choice and is available in different sizes, so that art and function can be combined in an ideal way. In the Bonkelaarshuis, several ARTwalls were placed, including a child-friendly version for the playroom. In addition, we placed a number of suspending noise-reducing panels (ARTceiling) to prevent and eliminate disturbing sound reflections and reverberations close to the source of the noise.

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Since the Bonkelaarshuis' employees often work with confidential information, several ARTscreens and ARTdeskscreens were placed to absorb noise, lower the noise level and to provide more privacy.

In the waiting room of the Bonkelaarshuis, we installed an ART panel. The panel, which was placed around the brochures and magazines, also has sound-absorbing characteristics and adapts very well to the room. As you can see, acoustic solutions can be completely adapted to the interior design envisioned by the architect.

The result

The sound-absorbing solutions were selected together with the architect and the Bonkelaarshuis staff. The reverberation time could be reduced by using visually appealing, tailor-made solutions, so today, the Bonkelaarshuis offers not only a beautiful, but also a pleasant environment to its´ employees and visitors.Do you experience noise reflections that hinder concentration during work? Feel free to get in touch with our acoustic specialists.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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