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The Bonkelaarhuis of the Municipality of Sliedrecht

Improving acoustics in an office building

Social domain of Sliedrecht

The Bonkelaarhuis is the starting point for help and support in the Municipality of Sliedrecht.

In the summer of 2018, the social team moved into the building, but soon experienced poor acoustics and a long reverberation time. The working environment was not optimal for both employees and visitors. That is why the Bonkelaarhuis has recently been completely renovated.

Incatro has installed innovative installations that give the rooms in the building a pleasant acoustic.

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Office environment

The Bonkelaarhuis

The Bonkelaarhuis is a new location of the Municipality of Sliedrecht. Residents can go here with their questions about youth and family assistance, care & welfare and work & income. Although the building has a normal appearance from the outside, the interior has been modern, innovative and attractive since the renovation.

It is important to take the acoustics into account when designing or redesigning a room. That is why we work closely with interior designers and architects to solve acoustic problems in an aesthetic way. Because a new interior also includes a sound plan!

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Sound is experience

Sound is part of the experience of a room and especially in an office environment distraction by sound is often lurking. Think of phones ringing and talking colleagues.

If these sounds are not properly absorbed, it results in problems such as low productivity, concentration problems and stress.

We implemented acoustic measures to solve these problems at the Municipality of Sliedrecht.

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Custom solution

Based on noise measurements, we looked for a suitable solution for the Bonkelaarhuis. Based on these measurements, we came to the conclusion that a combination of acoustic solutions should be installed.

In coordination with 360 Design Group, we installed several ARTpanels, ARTceilings, ARTwalls and ART(desk)screens.

Because the employees at the Bonkelaarhuis often work with sensitive information from citizens, various ARTscreens and ARTdeskscreens have been installed. These screens absorb sound and have the purpose of reducing noise levels and increasing privacy.

We installed an ARTpanel in the waiting room of the Bonkelaarhuis. The panel – around the brochures and magazines – again has a sound-absorbing effect and fits well into the whole of the room.

As you can see, it is really possible to fully adapt the sound solutions to the interior that the architect has in mind.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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The result

The installation of the sound-absorbing solutions was done in consultation with the architect and employees of the Bonkelaarhuis.

The reverberation time has been reduced and the solutions have been stylishly incorporated into the interior. The Bonkelaarhuis is now not only a beautiful, but also a pleasant environment for the employees and visitors.

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