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Improving acoustics in a new house

Improve acoustics in the living room and kitchen

Acoustics in living room and kitchen

The residents of this house noticed that the acoustics in the kitchen annex living room were so bad that when the children played having conversations or reading a newspaper or book, it was almost impossible.

The family therefore contacted Incatro to improve the acoustics in the house together.

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Living room and kitchen
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Annoying reverberation in the house.

What we see a lot in new homes is that a sleek interior is chosen. This is often at the expense of the acoustics in the house.

This house also consists mainly of hard reflective surfaces that immediately reflect the sound. That the house reverberated so much is not surprising .

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Acoustic measurement and advice

An Incatro consultant visited the family at home and did an acoustic measurement to determine how loudly it reverberated.

To determine how much absorption the family needed, the following rule of thumb was used: place 10 percent of the contents of the rooms on square meters of acoustic panels.

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Acoustic ceiling

The residents had to get used to the idea of acoustic ceiling panels. They were especially afraid that it would reduce the space emotionally and that they would constantly feel that something was hanging over their heads.

After a personal conversation with Incatro and seeing a number of examples, the family opted for an ARTceiling in three places: above the dining table, in the passage from dining to the sitting room and in the sitting area in the living room.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

Well worth the investment

The family is pleased with the chosen solution: "With a few acoustic panels on the ceiling, the acoustics in the house have improved considerably. The visibility still takes a bit of getting used to, but the reverberation is gone and therefore it is more than worth the investment."

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