The Townhall of the Municipality Deventer

The Townhall of the Municipality Deventer
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When the new town hall of the municipality of Deventer was built, special attention was paid to requirements regarding flexibility, sustainability, cooperation and interaction. In order to ensure an optimum collaboration between employees, it was decided to create an open-plan office. First, however, the disturbing noise reflections and long reverberation times had to be eliminated.

Communication in open-plan offices often leads to noise pollution, especially if the reverberation time is too long. Think, for example, of ringing telephones or the background noise of talking employees. Good acoustics in open-plan offices are therefore of fundamental importance for employee productivity, satisfaction and well-being.

To improve the acoustics, we have installed various acoustic solutions in cooperation with the companies Helios Pro Audio and Peutz. These were placed in the offices, the conference room and the council hall of the Deventer municipality.

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The new town hall of Deventer

Deventer's new town hall was built in 2016 right next to the old town hall. The impressive building covers 24,000m2, and the modern architecture seamlessly blends in with the adjacent historical buildings. This did not go unnoticed: one year after completion, the building designed by the architects Neutelings Riedijk was voted “Building of the Year” in the Netherlands.

Acoustic improvements in the open-plan office

In cooperation with the company Helios Pro Audio and on the basis of sound measurements carried out by the agency Peutz, we improved the acoustics of the new open-plan office considerably. Not only was the reverberation time reduced: by placing acoustic panels in the color of the concrete walls between the windows, the interior design was further enhanced.

Furthermore, we installed a six-part 16.5-meter-long and 1.25-meter-high ART panel with a colorful print of the cityscape of Deventer - in our opinion a beautiful, eye-catching and artistic addition to the room!

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— The conference room “De IJsselzaal“
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The conference room “De IJsselzaal “

Acoustic panels in the same colors as the walls were placed in the conference room "De IJsselzaal". As a result, the panels are hardly noticeable, and the room appears calm. Reverberations were eliminated and there are no optical distractions.

The old, monumental town hall of the municipality of Deventer

After we had completed our assignment at the new town hall, we worked on the improvement of the acoustics in the council hall of the old town hall. The acoustic measurement showed that the reverberation time of this room was too long, which significantly impaired speech intelligibility during conferences.

The old council chamber is a monumental room with classic ceiling ornaments and an impressive fireplace. Since the hall is five meters high, sound is easily reflected. Due to the ceiling decorations, it was not possible to place sound-absorbing panels. Therefore, we opted for acoustic wall panels instead.

The acoustic panels were fitted with rails, so that artworks could be hung to them without damaging the panels.

Working without noise pollution - even during our assignment

The employees of the town hall continued their work while we assembled our acoustic solutions. Communication between the employees, our technicians and our contact person at the town hall was therefore particularly important. Since we agreed beforehand on the times when the (loud) work was carried out, the employees were not disturbed during their work.

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