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Murtfeldt Kunsstoffe in Dortmund

Improving acoustics in an office space

Machine noise

Murtfeldt Kunststoffe from Dortmund suffered from acoustic problems due to the noise of the machines from the adjacent factory hall. Incatro placed a number of m2 of acoustic panels against the ceiling, on the wall and between the desks to reduce noise pollution.

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Distraction by sound

Nothing is as nice as working in a quiet environment, where you can fully concentrate on your work. Then the best results are achieved, right?

Imagine what it's like to work in a noisy room, where talking colleagues and rattling copiers are a constant distraction or even worse... machines from the factory hall next to the office. The employees of the German company Murtfeldt Kunststoffe (Dortmund, Germany) experienced these problems and called us.

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Impact on performance

A noisy workplace is not only annoying, but also affects the performance of employees.

Research shows that it takes an average of fifteen minutes to regain full concentration after being distracted by unwanted noise.

So if you are distracted five times in an eight-hour workday, your productivity will decrease by about 15%. In addition, noisy workplaces lead to stress, increased muscle tension and demotivation among employees.

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Sufficient absorption

To improve the general room acoustics, we placed one of our acoustic ceiling solutions (our ARTceiling) over the length of the office space. These were interrupted in certain places for smoke detectors.

The installation of double-sided acoustic screens (in this case our ARTscreens) remedied the noise nuisance. These immediately block noise at working height and also provide privacy so that the employee can work more concentrated.

In the second phase, a partition / cupboard wall was removed between the company office and the adjacent space. To create a separation between these spaces, a wall was built with ARTscreens. The ARTceilings have been extended. The acoustics have been improved in all areas with the removal of the wall.

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Enabled before

It was not the first time that we visited Murtfeldt.

The first time we improved the acoustics in the open plan offices of the export department. This department uses a lot of telephone calls and to prevent reflections, we placed ARTpanels against the walls.

In addition, we improved the general acoustics with an ARTceiling.

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The result

Murtfeldt employees are very pleased with the changes that Incatro products bring about.

“Expectations have been more than fulfilled. Everything went perfectly,” one of them responds.

The goals have also been achieved in the export department and all expectations are met. “The solution is great and also very beautiful with the attractive photos”.

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