OpSjtap Bar & Bik in Roermond

mproving acoustics for an informal bar-restaurant

Sjmulle, sjmulle lekker bikke

At Sjtap Bar & Bik is an accessible catering concept in Roermond where you can drink and eat without too much fuss.

To ensure that guests can really enjoy each other's company while enjoying a snack and drink and are not bothered by too much noise, it was necessary to install extra sound absorption.

OpSjtap Bar & Bik
Roermond (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
21,5 m2 absorption added
Deliverd products
ARTpanel ARTwall ARTceiling

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Op Sjtap Roermond AR Tpanel AR Twall hoek 1

Difficult to understand

A common problem in catering establishments is that people cannot understand each other well and sometimes even have a tendency to speak even louder. This is because the sound is too present in the room and reflects off walls and ceilings. People almost yell at each other to get above the noises. That also gives the feeling of ringing in your ears when you go outside.

Op Sjtap Bar & Bik absolutely wanted to prevent this and called in Incatro's help to tackle the acoustic problems.

After an acoustic study with a reverberation measurement, our acoustic consultant recommended installing acoustic panels in a number of strategic places.

Op Sjtap Roermond AR Tpanel AR Twall hoek 3

Acoustic panel with a corner

In total, approximately 21.5 m2 of absorption has been added, in the form of an acoustic ceiling, in this case our ARTceiling, a black ARTpanel, an ARTwall and a special ARTwall with a corner in it.

Of course, the appearance of the acoustic panels had to match the interior completely. Especially for Op Sjtap we made a special ARTwall with a corner in it. And with the 2 ARTwalls, a transit for a lamp has also been taken into account.

In short, a nice piece of customization.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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