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Church foundation Ommoord in Rotterdam

Improving acoustics in the Silence Room and the Mary Chapel

Open house

The church building of Church Foundation Ommoord, " Open Hof", is used for several purposes.

For the "Silence Room" and the Mary Chapel, an acoustic solution was needed that also aesthetically suited the environment.

Stichting Kerken Ommoord
Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
56,88 m2 absorption added
Silence Room and Mary Chapel
Deliverd products

Church Foundation Ommoord (Stichting Kerken Ommoord (SKO)) in Rotterdam is a foundation that deals with, among other things, the management and rental of the church building Open Hof and the representation and monitoring of the finances under responsibility.

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Too much reverberation

Although for many people a certain degree of reverberation belongs in a church building, there were still 2 rooms where the sound did not fit well enough with the function of the room.

The "Silence Room" is a 10 meter high cylindrical space resulting in a very annoying long reverberation time.

The Mary Chapel has a semicircular shape, where sound also gets a lot of chance to reflect in an annoying way.

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The result

Incatro took care of the acoustic measurement and made a number of proposals based on this, in which the acoustics and the aesthetic appearance were both equally important.

At the "Silence Room" we have applied 7 ARTpanels, one of our acoustic wall solutions, with a beautiful art print on top. Each panel had a size of 120 x 400 cm. In addition, 2 acoustic panels of 120 x 120 cm have been added, equipped with LED lighting.

At the Mary Chapel we have hung 4 ARTpanels of 100 x 380 cm and 2 ARTpanels of 100 x 260cm.

For example, the reverberation time in these 2 rooms has been reduced to a pleasant level.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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