Service office Real Bakers Guild in Wageningen

Improving acoustics at the service office

Eye for quality

The quality mark of “Echte Bakker” is not easy to obtain. Every baker who aspires to this quality mark must first take an aptitude test. And prove themselves worthy of the seal of approval all year round.

When Martin Cuypers, the office and project designer from Venray, approached us with the question whether we could help the Real Bakers Guild with the acoustics problems at their service office, we knew that we too had to prove that we are the best in our profession.

Real Bakers Guild via Martin Cuypers
Wageningen (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
42 m2 absorption added
Office spaces and loft
Deliverd products
ARTwall ARTpanel

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The origins of the Real Bakers Guild go back to 1967, when several bakers decided to join forces and share their knowledge and recipes with each other.

There are now about 135 real bakers with a total of more than 320 shops.

Incatro Martin Cuypers Echte Bakkersgilde AR Tpanel AR Twall 4

Service office

The mission of the Real Bakers Guild is to strengthen the craftsmanship and profitability of the affiliated bakers.

The guild members help each other with this and are also supported by the service office in Wageningen. They take care of marketing and communication campaigns, organize various meetings, product inspections and store reviews. And share knowledge via the special member site.

Incatro's help was called in due to the acoustic problems in the open plan office, the studio, the boardroom, the quiet workplace, and the loft on the 1st floor.

Incatro Martin Cuypers Echte Bakkersgilde AR Tpanel AR Twall 5

Passion for the profession

Our acoustic consultant carried out an acoustic investigation and reverberation measurement on site and advised an acoustic solution for each room based on the results.

In total there are 5 ARTwalls and 2 ARTpanels, 2 possible options from our range of acoustic panels. All with a beautiful print with real bakery products.

Special piece of craftsmanship was delivered by our experienced fitters for the double ARTwall for the loft on the 1st floor.

Here, 2 large acoustic wall panels of approximately 300 x 260 cm were placed against each other in the corner with a print that seems to continue. A beautiful eye-catcher in the office.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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