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Sorama Eindhoven “Make the world sound right” in Eindhoven

Improving acoustics for the office

Acoustics in the office

Incatro was commissioned to optimize the acoustics within the building, but given the modern architecture, this represented a considerable challenge. Therefore, the “noise camera” developed by Sorama was of great use to Incatro.

Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Office environment

“Make the world sound right” is the motto of Sorama in Eindhoven as it´s the company's goal is to enrich the world with good sound and to combat the widespread problem of noise pollution.

Sorama helps companies in making their products less noisy by using so-called “noise cameras”. DAF, for example, used the camera during the development of truck engines. The camera makes the causes of (unwanted) noise visible on a screen. Incatro also makes use of the Sorama sound camera to test and improve its´acoustic products and to develop new products. Furthermore, the camera can make sound reflections visible on site.

The company Sorama is based in a trendy and modern district of Eindhoven, which forms part of a dynamic development area - a figurehead for design and innovation.

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The acoustic challenge at Sorama

As mentioned above, modern architecture poses acoustic challenges. Materials as concrete and glass, which are frequently used in modern buildings, often make it difficult or even impossible to hang or place acoustic products, especially if the building is used as officespace. Since these are mostly open-plan offices, further acoustic problems are inevitable.


During our project at Sorama, we needed to find out where the sound came from and where was travelling to. The noise camera makes the common problem of undesired sound reflections visible, so that they can be eliminated in the next step.

"Thanks to our cameras, we can make the problem visible in a very short time," claims Sorama. "By analyzing the transmitted vibrations, we see how sound is generated and which way it travels and can find a solution to the problem in a much shorter time.”

By using the Sorama “noise camera”, sound waves become visible. In practice, analyzing sound is difficult: With the help of a microphone, for example, the sound pressure can be measured, providing information about the acoustics in a specific location, but not an entire room. The noise camera, on the contrary, makes the entire sound field of a room visible. This is especially useful when selecting adequate acoustic products and finding a suitable solution.

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The result

In order to improve the acoustics in the Sorama open-plan office we chose various products from our range:

ARTwall: Seamless acoustic wall panel 400 cm wide x 120 cm high, placed in the meeting room to absorb sound reflections

ARTbreeze: An acoustic and optical partition wall, placed between the entrance area and the open-plan office

ARTpanel: Placed at various locations on the wall to absorb reverberations and reflections and thus create a pleasant working environment

ARTbase: Acoustic column, used where wall panels couldn´t be hung due to glass walls or doors

Soundleaves: Small-format acoustic design elements which can be placed on desks and, in a larger version, between workplaces

ARTscreens: Traditional double-sided screens that can be placed between or next to desks

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

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