Soundleaves AIRseries II for the multifunctional center ”De Engelbewaarder“

The request was made from the multifunctional center De Engelbewaarder in Baarlo to analyze the disturbing acoustics in the meeting room.

The strikingly beautiful dome of the central common room at a community center presented us with a considerable challenge: The impressive room which is used for a variety of purposes such meetings and gatherings contains 44 concave-shaped ceiling elements that resemble an open umbrella. These are impressive to look at, but problematic from an acoustic point of view.

The dome-dilemma –an acoustic design challenge

Our sound measurements revealed a reverberation time of 1.2 seconds. The round shape of the room, the concave elements of the ceiling as well as the natural stone floor favored the reverberations and sound reflections.

AI Rseries2 27 kopie 2

What to do?

The look of the room should be changed as little as possible, but there weren´t any free walls where ARTpanels could be placed. Even free-standing acoustic elements didn´t fit into the room structure. The concrete ceiling seemed to be the only usable area, but due its´ curvature, conventional acoustic products were not an option.

Soundleaves development

Due to their right-angled structure and thickness that is necessary to improve the acoustics, many A-class acoustic elements with excellent absorption properties appear heavy and unelegant. Our Soundleaves were developed to solve exactly this problem: thanks to their organic shape and specially designed and edges that are tapered at the sides, our absorbers look slim and elegant!

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