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Multifunctional center ”De Engelbewaarder“ in Baarlo

Improving acoustics for the activity room

Characteristic design

Improving the acoustics in a room is usually accompanied by the installation of extra material. Something that is usually not desired because the space is already finished.

The space of De Engelbewaarder therefore presented a major challenge. How do we maintain the characteristic design if we need to add the necessary absorbent square meters?

Multifunctioneel centrum De Engelbewaarder
Baarlo (The Netherlands)
Activity room
Deliverd products

Beautifully designed ceiling

The multifunctional center De Engelbewaarder in Baarlo received a request to analyze the disturbing acoustics in the activity room.

During our visit we were surprised by the beautiful architecture of this unique space. A beautifully designed ceiling and roof construction, made up of 44 concrete shell parts in a two-sided concave shape.

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Disturbing reflections

De Engelbewaarder is traditionally a school building and has recently been renovated into a multifunctional center for the local community. The activity room is used as a social meeting point.

The measured average reverberation time was 1.2 seconds. The disturbing reflections from the concave ceiling were very annoying.

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Custom-made solution

There were no possibilities to add free-standing objects, there was no space on the walls and the floor consisted of beautiful and practical natural stone. The ceiling was therefore the only and most effective place to place absorption.

Based on our experiences with acoustic baffles like our ARTbaffles and our Soundleaves Air series, we designed a tailor-made version for this unique situation. A design that does justice to the architecture of the room.

Would you like to know which acoustic solution is the best in your situation? Then we would be happy to provide you with a tailor-made advice.

Pleasant stay

The result of adding 11 pieces of Soundleaves Air 2 is a reduction of the reverberation time to 0.7 seconds (the standard), whereby the annoying reflections through the concave ceiling have also disappeared. An acoustically successful exercise while preserving the unique character of the space.

We love challenges!

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