ARTpanel 89 & ARTwall 89

Acoustic broadband and low frequency absorber

Sound-absorbing wall panels reduce the noise level and improve the reverberation time. For the absorption of low frequencies, we have developed an 89mm strong profile with an 80mm thick acoustic filling as an addition to our existing 57mm system.

This 89mm (filling: 80mm) thick ARTwall is specially configured as a broadband and low-frequency absorber, offering an NRC value of 0.6 from 125 Hz and as well as an NRC value of 1.0 over the entire width from 250 Hz to 5000 HZ! Measurement of the sound absorption according to ISO 354 / A 1

Applications 89 systeem:

  • Office environments
  • Conference rooms
  • (Video) Conference rooms
  • Halls and churches
  • Catering industry
  • Public spaces

If the large viewing area is fitted with a white projection screen fabric, the walls can ideally be used for projection purposes.

*If the dimensions are smaller, they are manufactured and mounted as prefabricated ARTpanel 89.

Technical specifications
Acoustic value
NRC 1.0 Alpha W=1
Fire-resistance rating
Frame / content A1, Fabric B
Acoustic core 2x 40 mm, total depth 89 mm
11 kg / m2
Frame colours
White RAL9016 and Grey-Aluminium RAL9006, On request Anthracite-Black RAL7021, optional fabric-covered frame
Wide range of fabrics, plain or printed, smooth or texture (sample cards on request)
With 1 or 2 metal brackets (ARTpanel 89), directly pinned to the wall (ARTwall 89)
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