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Amsta Flesseman - Blom Interieurs in Amsterdam

Improve acoustics in the meeting room/restaurant

vibrant and in the center

Amsta Flesseman is a residential care center in the Nieuwmarktbuurt in Amsterdam.

The nursing home is a home for 30-50 residents; elderly people with dementia or people with physical disabilities.

During the small renovation of the restaurant, Blom Interieurs asked Incatro to adjust the acoustics to a pleasant acoustics for a real meeting space.

Amsta Flesseman
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Number of m2
55 m2 absorption added
Restaurant/meeting room
Deliverd products
INCAbaffle 48mm

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Space for various activities

The former dining room in Amsta Flesseman has been transformed into a real meeting room with intimate corners and a large tropical aquarium.

A real place to come together with a cozy private atmosphere. Many activities are organized, including many musical performances.

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Open and inviting

The restaurant is quite high, with tightly plastered walls, a beautiful wooden floor and many windows overlooking the Nieuwmarkt. As a result, reverberation limits a quiet conversation or the enjoyment of a performance.

Blom Interieurs, involved in the small renovation, has asked Incatro to look for the best possible solution that fits the client's space and budget.

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Free hanging acoustic solution

Based on the measurements, it was concluded that approximately 55 m2 of extra absorption should be added.
There was no room for this on the wall. Against the ceiling was difficult because of the various technical installations that were built into the ceiling.

So one of our suspended acoustic ceiling solutions was chosen. In this case the INCAbaffle, a lightweight rimless polyester wool panel, which takes up little space due to the vertical suspension.

In front of the meeting room, 38 acoustic baffles were suspended from the ceiling in 2 long rows with steel cables. The distribution over the entire space also gives a nice effect.

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