INCAbaffle 48mm

Free-hanging acoustic panel made of frameless polyester wool panels
Incatro Room Acoustics INC Abaffle 9

Flexible and space-saving

To complement the INCAfelt range - our lightweight, frameless polyester wool panels - our INCAbaffles have been designed for vertical suspension.

These acoustic panels are ideal for ceilings with many 'obstructions', such as sprinklers and lighting systems. Here, the suspended INCAbaffles offer great advantages due to their high flexibility and small space requirement. These acoustic panels can also be installed under thermoactive ceilings.

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Panel with excellent sound absorption properties

The INCAbaffles are made of absorption class A (DIN EN ISO 354) polyester wool and are free of artificial and natural mineral fibres, halogens, and CFCs.

The light reflection of the white INCAbaffles is > 81 %.

Incatro Room Acoustics INC Abaffle 2

Sizes and shapes

The INCAbaffle is available in the form of 48 mm thick acoustic panels with a length of up to 240 cm and a height of up to 120 cm (special sizes are available on request). The panels come in white or black (grey on request). INCAbaffles are attached to the ceiling on adjustable steel cables or on aluminium frames (pressed sheet metal) and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Incatro Room Acoustics INC Abaffle 3

Sustainable acoustic solution

Incatro wants to contribute to a world with a better quality of life. That’s why we respect the environment and place special emphasis on the sustainability of our acoustic panels. This way, we can guarantee the long-term quality and acoustic properties of our products. Our photo prints and single-colour fabrics are easily replaceable, which means you can enjoy your acoustic product for even longer. Since our products are free of harmful substances, they can be disposed of as normal waste. If you so desire, Incatro will also take back your product free of charge.

Since 2018, Incatro has been certified by the Dutch Technical Supervisory Association with the NEN-EN- ISO 14001:2015 certificate (International environmental management standard).

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