Incatro AR Tpanel LED 3
Acoustic light box with diffused light

ARTpanel LED

Incatro AR Tpanel LED 3

Acoustic light box

An acoustic LED panel is a sound-absorbing panel in which several LEDs are incorporated. This panel gives diffused light. This means that the light is evenly distributed.

In addition, the acoustic properties ensure that annoying sound reflections and reverberation are absorbed, making this panel an interesting choice if you want to combine sound absorption with dimension, atmosphere and a modern look

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Incatro AR Tpanel LED 17kopie

More attraction

In principle, we know the LED panel in a wall, ceiling or even standing version. LED panels are often used in public places, in general and reception areas and in the retail sector, for example.

The lighting ensures that the print in the LED panel stands out more and will therefore attract more attention from the visitor or customer. This significantly increases the attention value of the message, which can lead to a higher reach and better sales results.

Incatro AR Tpanel LED 10

Personalised design

The ARTpanel LED consists of a 120mm thick aluminium frame, in the colours black, white or silver grey. On request, the frame can also be painted in a different RAL colour.

The acoustic light panel is provided with a special backlit fabric. This fabric can be provided with any (photo) print of your choice, from an image bank, from a particular artist, your own photo or other digital file. Due to the use of a flat welt, the prints can be exchanged quickly and easily. This way you have a new look and feel in no time.

Incatro AR Tpanel LED 11

Sustainable acoustic solution

Incatro wants to contribute to a world with an improved quality of life. That is why we pay extra attention to the environment and the sustainability of our acoustic panels. This way the quality and acoustic properties are always maintained. The photo prints are easily replaceable, making your acoustic product last even longer. Our acoustic products do not contain any harmful substances and can be disposed of as normal waste. If desired, Incatro will take the product back free of charge. In addition, the LED lamps of the ARTpanel LED last for many years (up to 50,000 burning hours = approximately 20 years!).

Since 2018, Incatro has been certified by TÜV Netherlands with a NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015 certificate (the international standard for environmental management).

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