Acoustic baffles

Baffles are double-sided acoustic screens that can be mounted to the ceiling by using chains or cables. Thanks to their construction, they are particularly suitable for rooms of more than 4 m height, such as halls or reception rooms in theatres and hotels. Just to give you an indication: A reduction by 3 dB corresponds to a reduction of the noise level by 50%!

The baffles are pre-mounted, flexible in size (width as well as height) and available in high quality fabric (single colour or with print). The fabric as well as the prints can be easily exchanged without interfering with the function of the baffle.

Artbaffle 90mm 5 print incatro

Acoustic baffles




What is an ARTbaffle?
Solution for acoustics in any environment

Solution for acoustics in any environment

Your office space requires different acoustic solutions than a house or public space. With our years of experience, we can serve every sector in the right way.

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