Acoustic system with rimless panels in polyester wool
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Acoustic system in polyester wool

INCAfelt is the collective name for our acoustic system of lightweight, rimless polyester wool panels.

These acoustic panels are available in various shapes and sizes and can either be glued directly to the ceiling or wall or suspended from the ceiling with steel cables.

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Sizes and shapes

The INCAfelt standard panels are 48 mm thick and range in size from 1200 x 2400 mm to a maximum of 1600 x 2400 mm. The panels can be cut to any desired size and are available in black or white (grey on request). We also offer round shapes with diameters from 800 to 2000 mm. The thickness is variable and starts at 25 mm, depending on the diameter and the type of mounting.

INCAfelt panels are also available with a fleece coating. These have an additional colour coating on the visible side and on the edges, so that several colours can be used.

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Range of application

INCAfelt panels are ideal as suspended acoustic ceiling panels if you do not want to or cannot drill into the ceiling. For example, in climate ceilings, in rooms where the ceiling is used for technical purposes (e.g., air conditioning) or on suspended ceilings where only lightweight panels can be hung.

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Sustainable acoustic solution

Incatro wants to contribute to a world with a better quality of life. That’s why we respect the environment and place special emphasis on the sustainability of our acoustic panels. This way, we can guarantee the long-term quality and acoustic properties of our products. Our photo prints and single-colour fabrics are easily replaceable, which means you can enjoy your acoustic product for even longer. Since our products are free of harmful substances, they can be disposed of as normal waste. If you so desire, Incatro will also take back your product free of charge.

Since 2018, Incatro has been certified by the Dutch Technical Supervisory Association with the NEN-EN- ISO 14001:2015 certificate (International environmental management standard).


Curious about how this acoustic product is applied in your sector or industry? Take a look at our completed projects in your industry for inspiration.

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