Acoustic boards

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Are you looking for sound absorbing panels with an exclusive design? Our acoustic boards offer the perfect solution. The sandwich panels, our own creation, offer the currently best available sound absorption properties and are delivered with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

Our sound-absorbing boards are available in standard RAL colours or with photo prints, are 57 mm strong and offer a particularly high NRC (sound absorption) value of 0.85. The covering can be custom made in small to very big formats as well as round shapes.

Incafelt 50mm 25 wit incatro schuin dak

Acoustic boards


Acoustic panel


Acoustic wallsystem


Acoustic ceiling


lightweight rimless polyester wool panels (100% recyclable) in the colors white, gray and black.


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Solution for acoustics in any environment

Solution for acoustics in any environment

Your office space requires different acoustic solutions than a house or public space. With our years of experience, we can serve every sector in the right way.

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